Lantern Theater Company: Geneviève Perrier and Charlie DelMarcelle in A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN WALES (2014); Kittson O'Neill, Maxwell Eddy, and Alex Boyle in ARCADIA (2014); Damon Bonetti, Daniel Fredrick, and Dave Johnson in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (2015); and Kirk Wendell Brown and Peter DeLaurier in THE TRAIN DRIVER (2014). Photos by Mark Garvin.
2017/18 season
Lantern Theater Company's Illumination Education Program
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Participant Feedback
"I found the residency to be great! The teaching artists were enthusiastic and helpful, and they really helped to make reading Shakespeare fun! I usually don't enjoy public speaking or acting, but this was an exception!" –10th grade student, Central High School

"A few of the students expressed their surprise that it was so fun and engaging... Thank you for giving them, for their first real taste of Shakespeare, such a positive experience!" –Robin Nourie, Classroom Teacher, Germantown Friends' School
Illumination Education Program

Classroom Connections: Full Residencies with Core Partner Schools

Thanks in part to the generous support of the William Penn Foundation, Lantern Theater Company has recently expanded its roster of core partner schools. Each year, core partner schools are provided with two ten-visit residencies on a subject of each school's choosing, centered around required curricular material. During each residency, a team of two experienced teaching artists visit the school to help students engage more deeply with assigned curricular material.

Unlike many other theater education programs, Illumination residencies are not focused on "theater appreciation." Rather, we have found that the tools and techniques used to create great theater also help students engage more fully with assigned curricular material in new and exciting ways. Additionally, the structure of theatrical presentation requires that students apply themselves to the material in ways that develop key long-term life skills that are crucial for long-term success for all students regardless of their future career path.

Centered around To Kill a Mockingbird, Julius Caesar, Romeo & Juliet, The Piano Lesson, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and a variety of other titles, our full residencies encourage participating students to:

  • Engage more deeply with assigned material and make connections to their contemporary lives
  • Focus on positive group work, developing beneficial collaborative habits
  • Develop confident performance and self-expression skills
  • Develop key long-term life skills, including critical thinking and discipline
Our long-term plan for this program is to enroll three new core partner schools every three years, with schools "graduating" at the end of the three years.

Classroom teachers at core partner schools are offered Act 48 Continuing Professional Education credits though workshops that demonstrate how to use our theatrical techniques in the classroom, ensuring that they are fully prepared to not only carry the Lantern's approach forward in future years but also to adapt our techniques to new subjects and topics.

Paid Residencies

For non-partner schools with the resources to pay for residency work, please contact us to discuss the custom design of a residency on any topic. Residency pricing is designed to cover the direct costs of the residency – primarily teaching artist salaries – as well as to help support our free arts education offerings to less advantaged schools.

Shakespeare Mini-Residencies – our most popular program!

This program integrates live theater and classroom residencies to explore the work of Shakespeare and curricular material.  learn more

For More Information

If you are interested in becoming a core partner school or planning a paid residency, please contact M. Craig Getting, Education Director, at or 215.829.9002 x104. When selecting core partner schools, special consideration is given to schools serving students with special needs, English Language Learner students, and/or schools with a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students.
Pictured: Students participating in the Lantern/ASAP after school partnerships program. Photo: Philadelphia ASAP.
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Header Photo: Geneviève Perrier and Charlie DelMarcelle in A Child's Christmas in Wales (2014); Kittson O'Neill, Maxwell Eddy, and Alex Boyle in Arcadia (2014); Damon Bonetti, Daniel Fredrick, and Dave Johnson in The Hound of the Baskervilles (2015); and Kirk Wendell Brown and Peter DeLaurier in The Train Driver (2014). Photos by Mark Garvin.

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