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Measure for Measure
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Running Time
2 hours and 17 minutes

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2020/21 Season

Plays from the Lantern Archives:
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Charles McMahon

Now - May 2, 2021

"A brilliant production." –Philadelphia Inquirer

When the power of the State is put in the service of one man's lust, Shakespeare creates one of his greatest heroines to combat the abuse. Isabella's courage and brilliance are called upon to fight back against power, corruption, and sexual blackmail. This major play in the Bard's canon will surprise and move you with its timely insights into human motivation and resilience.

Measure for Measure is part of Plays from the Lantern Archives, a new program celebrating some of the finest productions from recent Lantern seasons, brought vividly back to life on screen. This performance was professionally filmed with a live theater audience in April 2019.

How to Watch
Measure for Measure will stream to you on demand so you can watch from the safety, comfort, and convenience of home – on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or select smart TVs. Your email confirmation will include your private ticket access link, which will provide on-demand access to Measure for Measure for one viewing during the streaming period. Once you launch the stream, you will have 24 hours to finish. Our Box Office will be open 12PM to 8PM daily throughout each play's streaming period to provide assistance.

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Delve into the play with LANTERN SEARCHLIGHT
In honor of Measure for Measure, we are exploring Shakespeare's "problem plays," religious extremism in Shakespeare's time, the dangers of unaccountable leaders, modern themes of gendered power dynamics and political hypocrisy, and much more.

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Chris Anthony as Claudio / Ensemble  •  Kirk Wendell Brown as Escalus / Ensemble  •  Ben Dibble as Angelo / Ensemble  •  Adam Hammet as Pompey / Ensemble  •  Claire Inie-Richards as Isabella / Ensemble  •  Anthony Lawton as The Duke / Ensemble  •  Jered McLenigan as Lucio / Barnardine / Ensemble  •  Charlotte Northeast as Mistress Overdone / Mariana / Ensemble


Dirk Durossette, Scenic Designer  •  Janus Stefanowicz, Costume Designer  •  Drew Billiau, Lighting Designer  •  Mary Kate Smyser, Sound Designer  •  Rebecca Smith, AEA Stage Manager  •  David Bardeen, Assistant Director

"A brilliant production. Problem solved. Measure for Measure is one of Shakespeare's "problem plays," troubling directors and scholars for four centuries, and each production, each reader, each audience arrives at its own interpretation. Charles McMahon has found one solution, and it's brilliant." –The Philadelphia Inquirer  more

"While I won't give away how McMahon handled the (actually textually important) turn at the conclusion of the play, I will tell you that I found it very, very satisfying. An excellent ensemble... It's through the strength of all the players – and a fresh, modern take on Measure for Measure that nods to the present day without shoehorning it into the text – that the Lantern's production succeeds, answering my early anxiety with a gratifying finish." –Broad Street Review  more

"The Lantern's production is a clear-eyed and engaging exploration of a cynical society, funny and biting without succumbing to cynicism itself. The struggle to chart some kind of moral course in a corrupt and occasionally nonsensical world is as pressing now as 400 years ago..." –  more

"An innovative production... A fresh look at this problematic but timely work starring some of the area's best dramatic talent in multiple roles and a steady hand of experienced directorial energy from Charles McMahon. Lantern has made a great contribution to this regionís cultural life by making the Bard so accessible to contemporary audiences." –Montgomery News  more

"Whether you are a Shakespeare fan or not, this is a production you won't want to miss." –Beyond My Backyard  more

The Philadelphia Tribune talks with actor Kirk Wendell Brown about his love of Shakespeare, Measure for Measure's relevance to the #MeToo movement, and more: "I thoroughly enjoy being part of a collaboration where I get to share the human condition with others." more

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Header Photo: Paul L. Nolan, Sally Mercer, and Charles McMahon in Copenhagen (2018); Charlie DelMarcelle, Anthony Lawton, Jered McLenigan, and Brian Anthony Wilson in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (2019); Anthony Lawton and Paul L. Nolan in The Craftsman (2017); and Bi Jean Ngo and Peter DeLaurier in The Tempest (2018). Photos by Mark Garvin.

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