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Lantern Theater Company
The Tempest
2017/18 Season

The Tempest
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Charles McMahon
March 15 - April 29, 2018

With poetry that brings the roiling sea to heel, The Tempest commands us to examine what happens when one ruler is exiled, his successor washed up on shore, and both must choose between conflict and reconciliation. Can old grievances lead to new hope or are we compelled to repeat our past sins? In the great comic fable of his artistic maturity, Shakespeare explores how the choices we make lead to unexpected consequences. Power becomes magic. Exile leads to revenge. Love paves a path to reconciliation, and poetry triumphs over all.

The Cast

Chris Anthony as Ferdinand  •  Peter DeLaurier as Prospero  •  J Hernandez as Antonio / Caliban  •  Dave Johnson as Sebastian / Trinculo  •  John Lopes as Alonso  •  Bi Jean Ngo as Ariel  •  Ruby Wolf as Miranda  •  Frank X as Gonzalo / Stephano

The Creative Team

Lance Kniskern, Scenic Designer  •  Natalia de la Torre, Costume Designer  •  Shon Causer, Lighting Designer  •  Michael Kiley, Sound Designer & Composer  •  Ben Grinberg, Movement Director  •  Rebecca Smith, Stage Manager  •  Adam Phelan, Assistant Director
News & Reviews

"A victory for kindliness, with an ache at the heart." –The Philadelphia Inquirer

"A colorful and well-executed production. Both a solid introduction for newcomers and a creative yet classic take for long-time fans, all are welcomed to revel in the Lantern Theater Company's wealth of knowledge and talent on full display." –PlayShakespeare.com

"Shakespeare would have been proud! Lantern Theater Company is synonymous with outstanding productions of Shakespearean works. Yearly productions surpass prior performances in excellence and this year's presentation is no exception." –Beyond My Backyard

"Raw and earthy sorcery captivates the senses in Lantern Theater Company's delightful rendition of Shakespeare's The Tempest. It is easy to get lost in the delicious language and fairy-tale sensibility of what is largely considered the immortal bard's ultimate work. McMahon's deftly understated production also emphasizes the humanity of these iconic characters. I have seen The Tempest many times, but here I was particularly moved by the momentousness of Prospero's decision to break his staff and bury his book. Surely knowing when to stop, when to let go of power that has been hard won and rightfully held is one of the most difficult challenges any person can hope to face. I cannot help but wonder how much of Shakespeare's own struggle we are hearing in Prospero's wise words." –Talkin' Broadway

"Played with a gentleness that softens the story's suspense, but makes its words clearly heard and sincerely felt. Lantern's Tempest most excels by showing that we, even nonhumans, can change and grow; that we deserve forgiveness; and that our better selves can prevail. Let's hope that's not just a fantasy." –Broad Street Review

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Header Photo: Paul L. Nolan, Sally Mercer, and Charles McMahon in Copenhagen (2018); Charlie DelMarcelle, Anthony Lawton, Jered McLenigan, and Brian Anthony Wilson in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (2019); Anthony Lawton and Paul L. Nolan in The Craftsman (2017); and Bi Jean Ngo and Peter DeLaurier in The Tempest (2018). Photos by Mark Garvin.

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