Lantern Theater Company: Geneviêve Perrier and Charlie DelMarcelle in A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN WALES (2014); Kittson O'Neill, Maxwell Eddy, and Alex Boyle in ARCADIA (2014); Damon Bonetti, Daniel Fredrick, and Dave Johnson in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (2015); and Kirk Wendell Brown and Peter DeLaurier in THE TRAIN DRIVER (2014). Photos by Mark Garvin.
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2015/16 Season

By Naomi Iizuka
Directed by Peter DeLaurier
May 26 - June 26, 2016

A rare and valuable work of art falls into the hands of ambitious art dealer Darius Wheeler. Passion and turmoil overflow from the pages of this ancient Japanese pillow book, changing the lives of Wheeler and his colleague, the magnetic East Asian art specialist Setsuko Hearn. The mystery unfolds in a series of 36 scenes that expertly weave Eastern artistic traditions and Western theatrical conventions, revealing surprising perspectives on the worlds of art, commerce, and desire.


Photos by Mark Garvin
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Cast & Production Team

Joe Guzmán as Darius Wheeler  •  Joanna Liao as Setsuko Hearn  •  Bi Jean Ngo as Claire Tsong  •  Stephen Novelli as Owen Matthiesen  •  David Pica as John Bell  •  Angela Smith as Elizabeth Newman Orr

Jorge Cousineau, Scenic/Sound/Projection Designer  •  Rosemarie McKelvey, Costume Designer  •  Peter Escalada-Mastick, Lighting Designer  •  Flora Vassar, Props Master  •  Asaki Kuruma, Artistic Consultant  •  Michael Goldberg, Kabuki Movement Coach  •  Rebecca Smith, Stage Manager  •  Paul Deichmann, Assistant Director  •  Meghan Jones, Production Manager
News & Reviews

"A fascinating, accomplished, visually rich production. Jorge Cousineau designed the show's stunning projections, as well as the electrifying soundscape that blends the traditions of Kabuki theater with those of contemporary Western theater. Peter DeLaurier's delicate direction of Iizuka's play weaves the many scenes and the many "views" together into a haunting tapestry." –Philadelphia Inquirer  read review

"36 Views is an intriguing examination of beauty's relationship with truth and commerce, played against a dynamic, visually enchanting background." –DC Metro Theater Arts  read review

"Visually beautiful and compelling in its coherence, the Lantern's production of 36 Views works its magic subtly and weaves [its] intellectual concepts on the uncertainty of art and life with a wholly original style." –Phindie  read review

"36 Views is a visually exquisite masterpiece that will have you thinking twice about first impressions." –Beyond My Backyard  read review

"Flawlessly done, this production captures both western and eastern Kabuki type theatricality. Peter DeLaurier expertly directs this fantastic cast in and out of the many views that are intrinsic to the script. The play moves seamlessly using the poetry, as well as the visual backdrops to maneuver itself through both styles of theater. The end result is a beautifully done premiere production that should not be missed." –PA Theatre Guide
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Header Photo: Geneviêve Perrier and Charlie DelMarcelle in A Child's Christmas in Wales (2014); Kittson O'Neill, Maxwell Eddy, and Alex Boyle in Arcadia (2014); Damon Bonetti, Daniel Fredrick, and Dave Johnson in The Hound of the Baskervilles (2015); and Kirk Wendell Brown and Peter DeLaurier in The Train Driver (2014). Photos by Mark Garvin.

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