Lantern Theater Company: Geneviêve Perrier and Charlie DelMarcelle in A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN WALES (2014); Kittson O'Neill, Maxwell Eddy, and Alex Boyle in ARCADIA (2014); Damon Bonetti, Daniel Fredrick, and Dave Johnson in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (2015); and Kirk Wendell Brown and Peter DeLaurier in THE TRAIN DRIVER (2014). Photos by Mark Garvin.
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Photograph 51
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2015/16 Season

Photograph 51
By Anna Ziegler
Directed by Kathryn MacMillan
September 10 - October 18, 2015

London, 1953. The race is on among the world's leading scientists to unlock the secret of life itself: the DNA molecule. The promise of wealth and lasting fame drives the breakneck pace of the research. Then Rosalind Franklin, the one woman in this crowded field of male scientists, further isolated by her Jewish faith, makes a breakthrough. In an environment of desperate ambition, with its shifting rivalries, alliances, and betrayals, Dr. Franklin has the talent and grit to win it all – if she can get in the game.

Photos by Mark Garvin
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Cast & Production Team

Chris Anthony as Don Caspar  •  Trevor William Fayle as James Watson  •  Joseph McGranaghan as Maurice Wilkins  •  Geneviève Perrier as Rosalind Franklin  •  Harry Smith as Francis Crick (9/10-10/4)  •  Matt Tallman as Francis Crick (10/6-10/18)  •  Harry Watermeier as Ray Gosling

Meghan Jones, Production Manager & Scenic Designer  •  Janus Stefanowicz, Costume Designer  •  Shon Causer, Lighting Designer  •  Larry D. Fowler, Jr., Sound Designer  •  Leonard Kelly, Dialect Coach  •  Kimitha Cashin, Props Master  •  Meghan Winch, Dramaturg  •  Rebecca Smith, Stage Manager  •  Brey Ann Barrett, Assistant Director
News & Reviews

"Under Kathryn MacMillan's masterful direction, the story and characters in Ziegler's fictionalized history are engrossing, the ensemble work is flawless, and Geneviève Perrier as Franklin gives what may well be the best performance to date in her award-winning career." –Phindie  read review

"Director Kathryn MacMillan magnificently brings these real scientific figures to life. MacMillan has chosen the perfect cast to tell this story; they all excel in their roles. Photograph 51 actually just began its run on the West End in London starring Nicole Kidman earlier this week. But lucky for us, we get to see a quality production right in our backyard." ***** –DC Metro Theatre Arts  read review

"A revelatory production!" –Philadelphia Jewish Voice  read review

Edge Media Network's Winnie McCroy profiles "Philly's Women in Science/Science Onstage Looks at Women in STEM"  read article

"Photograph 51 is a fascinating exploration of the behind the scenes machinations of a major scientific discovery played as an ensemble. The fact that a play about DNA, a topic about which I know so little, held the audience's attention for the evening makes it worth seeing." –Broad Street Review

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Header Photo: Geneviêve Perrier and Charlie DelMarcelle in A Child's Christmas in Wales (2014); Kittson O'Neill, Maxwell Eddy, and Alex Boyle in Arcadia (2014); Damon Bonetti, Daniel Fredrick, and Dave Johnson in The Hound of the Baskervilles (2015); and Kirk Wendell Brown and Peter DeLaurier in The Train Driver (2014). Photos by Mark Garvin.

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