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Uncle Vanya (2010)
Why Serve as a Volunteer Usher?
Our dedicated team of volunteer ushers is a vital part of the Lantern family and we so grateful for their support. Ushers ensure that all Lantern patrons enjoy the best possible experience during their time with us. Ushering is also a great community service opportunity for individuals and groups.
Volunteer Ushers

Due to Covid-19, usher registration for the 2020/21 season is not available. Please check back with us in September 2021 for information about the 2021/22 season.


Ushers are a critical part of our audience services team! Ushers are responsible for assisting the House Manager to create a safe and pleasant experience for all Lantern patrons.

  • Ushers must arrive ONE HOUR before showtime and remain throughout the entire performance.
  • Ushering is a typically a 3-4 hour time commitment per performance.
  • BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE, ushers will attend mandatory orientation with the House Manager on duty, prepare show programs, welcome patrons to the theater, scan tickets, distribute play programs, and help patrons locate their seats.
  • DURING INTERMISSION, ushers direct audience members to the lobby and/or restrooms and keep patrons off the stage.
  • AFTER THE PERFORMANCE, ushers tidy the house, including collection of show programs and trash left behind by patrons.
Physical Requirements

Ushers MUST be able to comfortably climb two flights of stairs, assist patrons with the stairs and/or other mobility issues, and stand for approximately 30 minutes. The ability to meet all these physical requirements is necessary to ensure the safety of all ushers and patrons.

Personality Requirements

Ushers must professionally, knowledgably, and cheerfully represent the Lantern to the public. Ushers must be at least 16 years of age.

When To Arrive

Ushers must arrive one hour before showtime. You are providing a critical service to our patrons and staff, so please arrive on time. Ushering is a typically a 3-4 hour time commitment per performance.

Dress Code

Ushers are required to dress professionally. We prefer that you do not wear jeans. Footwear should be appropriate for climbing the Lantern stairs easily; flip-flops are not permitted and sandals are discouraged.

Volunteer Service

This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. You will receive a complimentary ticket for one reserved seat at each performance you usher. Exact seating location cannot be guaranteed.

Due to Covid-19, usher registration for the 2020/21 season is not available. Please check back with us in summer 2021 for information about the 2021/22 season.

Pictured: Charlie DelMarcelle in Uncle Vanya (2010). Photo: Mark Garvin.
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Header Photo: Paul L. Nolan, Sally Mercer, and Charles McMahon in Copenhagen (2018); Charlie DelMarcelle, Anthony Lawton, Jered McLenigan, and Brian Anthony Wilson in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (2019); Anthony Lawton and Paul L. Nolan in The Craftsman (2017); and Bi Jean Ngo and Peter DeLaurier in The Tempest (2018). Photos by Mark Garvin.

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